System Excellence

Own the Podium (OTP) has set clear performance targets for Canada’s high performance system. These targets are challenging and will require new and innovative approaches in order to achieve them. One area that Canada can make the largest gains to meet and sustain these targets is to lead the development of a system that can deliver improved results over the longer term.

Many countries have tried and failed to initiate and implement successful HP systems. This failure has been largely due to a “one size fits all” approach with the application of models that are often traditionalist and ignore critical cultural and environmental factors.

The success of Canada’s approach to high performance system building will be centred on the alignment and better use of existing structures in conjunction with the integration of new and innovative approaches. To this end, the existing Canadian Sport Institute Network will be utilized and play a greater role in the development of athletes, coaches and technical leaders.

What is System Excellence?
It is an evidence-based approach centred on creating sustainable and repeatable podium performances by:
•    leading the systematic development of world class athletes, coaches and technical leaders;
•    ensuring we have the right athletes in the right sports and that they are given the right support at the right time; and
•    ensuring we use our resources in the most efficient and effective manner for the best performance gains.

What is the scope of practice?
It is defined by a three-pronged approach in the areas of:
•    High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership;
•    High Performance Athlete Development (HPAD); and
•    Canadian Sport Institute Strategy.

What does it mean for sports?
OTP will be working with sports to create HPAD and HP Coaching and Technical Leadership plans.
•    HPAD plan will initially focus on Podium Pathway and Gold Medal Profile components.
•    Coaching and Technical Leadership plan will initially focus on succession through alignment with the Podium Pathway.
•    CSI Network partnerships will support the implementation of the sport specific plans.