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Sochi 2014

Own the Podium is an innovative and collaborative initiative without precedent in Canadian Sport. It was created to bring together the key parties involved in leading and funding excellence in Canadian sport, with specific emphasis on achieving excellence at Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Focused on a goal of providing the necessary funds required for Canadian athletes to reach their full potential at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Own the Podium was created to coordinate and focus national funding party resources on targeted high-performance sport programs.

Sochi 2014 Sochi 2014 paralympic games

With its successful foundation rooted in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games where Canadian athletes achieved a record-setting 14 gold medals, the Own the Podium program is proof that financially investing in performance equals results.

Not losing sight of continuing its quest to be at the top of the standings for overall medals won, Own the Podium's goal while working in partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee and Sport Canada is for Canada to become the first host nation to sustain its position in the medal count at the next Olympic Games.

In an effort to fully prepare Canadian athletes to achieve the nation's goal, Own the Podium contributed nearly $19 million in funding to support 15 Olympic sports and five Paralympic sports during the 2010-11 season.

Own the Podium will closely monitor and evaluate the progress of targeted Olympic and Paralympic sports through regular interactions and consultation with Own the Podium's high-performance advisors and the national sport organizations