Leadership & Staff

Board of Directors:

John Furlong - Chair
Thérèse Brisson
Duncan Fulton
Patrick Jarvis

Dr. Guy Larose
Chris Overholt
Julie Payette
Keith Pelley
Tricia Smith
Dr. Mike Wilkinson

Own the Podium Chief Executive Officer:

Anne Merklinger 

Own the Podium Management Team

Mark Hahto - Director, Summer Sport
Peter JudgeDirector, Winter Sport
Dr. Jon Kolb - Director, Sport Science, Medicine and Innovation

Own the Podium Team

Todd Allison - High Performance Advisor
Graham Barton - High Performance Advisor
Cameron Beasley - Results Data Analyst
Iain Brambell - High Performance Advisor
Graham Chapman - Manager, Information Technology
Mike Christie - Performance Intelligence and Analysis Advisor
Chris Dornan - Media Consultant
Paul Dorotich - Performance Analysis Advisor
Cynthia Dunford - Manager, Finanace
David Ellis - High Performance Advisor
Dr. Jane Labreche - Sport Science/ Sport Medicine Advisor
Jean-Philippe Lavoie - High Performance Advisor
Kelly McKean -  Performance Analysis Advisor
Shelley Milton - Manager, Operations and Administration; Executive Assistant
Rob Paradis - High Performance Advisor
Vanessa Paun - High Performance Athlete Development Advisor
Phil Schlote - High Performance Advisor
Danika Tanguay - Manager, System Excellence and Summer Sport 
Tristan Waller - Administrative Coordinator
Bryan Wilson - High Performance Advisor